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Your Choice from the Gallery

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Stephen Chow Sing-chi

Cute as a button. Built like a tiny brick shipyard. Very wicked sense of humor. Will turn on that charm with a big shit eating grin. Does not shut up....Yum Yum.

Chinese Oddessy Lawyer Lawyer Stephen just Stephen Fight Back to School read the subs...

Essential Links

  1. Chow Sing Chi
  2. Stephen Chow from the HKMB
  3. The Crazy World of Sing Jai
  4. Korean Stephen Site Thanks to Jean of the Stephen chow mailing list. The picture gallery is Fantastic!>
  5. Kim Sui Page - House of Stephen Chow - I don't know what it is but its in english and there _LOTS_ of good pictures!
The Movies he's in and why you should see them! This list is by no means complete... I have lots more movies to watch. Suggestions are welcome.

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