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Dick Wei / Tu Lung

If you haven't noticed this man shame on you! In fact most people have seen him in certain Samo Hung and Jackie Chan projects of the eighties just not known his name. Remember the painted, pirate king in 'Project A' the one with the dragon tattoos and rippling muscles? That's him! Or the decorative bandit with the red scarf who fights Yuen Biao in 'Shanghai Express'? Dick Wei again. He's fallen into Hong Kong harbour more times than is healthy for anyone. it is a good view when you look... He is beautiful, with the high forehead andprominant cheekbones which mean he's only going to look better as he gets older. He has a classic body shape broad shoulders, trim waist, narrow hips and long legs...not to mention a nice bum!

in Chinatown Kid in Chinatown Kid in 10 Tigers of Guangdong in Red in little...

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