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Gun Flicks

This is the area most HK film fans fall into. Most women are bored by all the shooting. They fall asleep before they realize there are plenty of cute guys to enjoy, and gun movies generally have the best dressed players. John Woo also has this habit of having his two heroes act in an interesting manner towards one another. Its almost like a love affair. Also if you look at the gun battles like a modern dance performance, they get less boring. Ringo Lam movies have lots of whining girls but generally decorative guys. Forget the plot and just enjoy the scenery. The slasher films are mostly semi nude girls but several of them have Simon Yam Tat wah and/or Anthony Wong Chow san, and I can forgive a lot for that type of scenery.

And in no particular order right now...

A Hero Never Dies: Leon Lai Ming:
Lau Ching Wan and Lai Ming carry on the fine Chang Cheh tradition of the interesting stare and noble enemies who are better than friends. Everyone dies in a tragically beautiful manner.

The highlights are: Come here ice boy! Leon in an undershirt and khakis! And as an added bonus he had a wedgie in the opening scene. Let me tell you on a big screen that was something to see. Leon also has the most remarkable wardrobe. Wah!

A Better Tomorrow 1: Chow Yun-Fat, Ti Lung, Leslie Cheung:
Ti Lung and Chow Yun-fat as gangster buddies. Due to little brother Leslie's incessant whining and maybe a bit of guilty conscience, Ti Lung decides to leave the counterfeiting business. Things go awry and his father is murdered in vengance. Ti Lung just can't win, as his buddy Chow is brought down, his old buddies won't leave him alone and his whining kid brother won't forgive him. Well sometimes a guy just has about enough...

The highlights are: Leslie is decorative until he opens his mouth. Chow refines the hood look and Ti Lung is edible in the black suit. Chow and Ti Lung carry on the tradition of that interesting stare...

Tiger on Beat: Chow Yun-fat, Gordon Liu Chia hui, Ti Lung
Chow and his partner are after drug smugglers. That is of course when Chow can tear himself away from the ladies.

The highlights are: Chow is exceptionally cute in this. He mugs and grins his way through. Good comedic timing. Ti Lung has a cameo with ugly plaid pants. Gordon is having a ball as the evil guy. Hey where did he get that wig!

City War: Ti Lung, Chow Yun-fat
This time Ti Lung is the hard assed cop and Chow is the calm one. Together they bring down a recently released hood who is taking revenge on Ti Lung and his family.

The highlights are: I really wish these two would make more movies together. Someone sprayed Ti Lung into blue jeans. I commend them on this idea. Chow is in the shower, wrapped in a towel. Not too shabby.

Rock and Roll Cop: Wong Chow san, Yu Rong gong
Anthony is the long haired, troublemaking HK Cop going up against Yu Rong gong and his travelling hoods. Anthony has the help of a mainland cop who is in for a nasty surprise. Eventually they catch the baddies but not before learning to get along.

The highlights are: Someone who had a clue poured Anthony into black jeans for this one. What lovely thighs he has. His nemesis, Yu Rong Gong is not to bad either. Very Chiseled. He dresses well, in that sort of mainland hood way. At one point he has his shirt off to display a nicely muscled chest...

Taxi Hunter: Wong Chow sang, Yu Rong gong
Anthony is the mild mannered , nice insurance salesman who loses his pregnant wife because a surly taxi driver won't take her to the hospital and then drags her to her death. It seems there was a rash of nasty cab incidents in HK at this time so Anthony flips out and takes revenge for everyone. Its actually kind of a sad story.

The highlights are: Anthony in shorts. The gun practice scene is hilarious. His cop friend, Yu Rong Gong, is cute.

Hardboiled: Chow Yun-fat, Tony Leung Chiu wai, Wong Chow-sang, Kuo Chue
Chow is the cop Tequila, Anthony is the evil arms boss, Tony is the deep undercover cop, Kuo Chue is Maddog, Anthony's right hand man. Chow and Tony are trying to destroy the triad guys and they fight back in a hospital. All the while Chow is trying to get back with his girl. Typical Woo ending with lots of shooting.

The highlights are: Chow is delightful. He is well dressed, ultra charming and works that crooked smile for all its worth. Tony is smooth and since he's doing so much angst, he's smoking and lounging a lot. He knows how to drape himself about a boat. Wow, Lizard from the 5 deadly venoms sure has aged well... Wong is very yummy in those sherbet colored triad boss suits. For those with undubbed copies, Wong's voice is most sexy.

Full Contact: Chow Yun-fat, Yam Tat-wah, Wong Chow-sang
Chow leads a band of gangsters, Simon leads a band of gangsters. They join up. Simon wants Chow but he's not going there. Simon doublecrosses Chow and gets Anthony to shoot him. Chow has a revelation about how his life has gone. He comes back for revenge and uses Anthony to get it.

The highlights are: Who cares about the thin plot...Chow is extremely charming as the hood with honor. His fans will enjoy the scene of him bathing. Yam is gorgeous as the flaming queen killer. I worship whoever dressed him in the organza blouse and snakeskin coat. Then my favorite, Wong Chow-sang, the curls become him. Someone dressed him well for a change too.

Island of fire: Jackie Chan, Andy Lau Tak wah, Sammo Hung Kam bo
I don't actually think there is a plot but Sammo is trying to see his son, Jackie wants to save his girlfriend and Andy wants to kill Jackie. Wang Yu just wants to annoy the warden. Everyone wants to get out but no one does.

The highlights are: Someone smart spray painted Jackie into blue jeans so tight he can't even stuff money in the pockets. They have my eternal thanks. The big shootout at the end dresses Andy, Sammo and Jackie in those cute black suit jackets and sunglasses. Andy Lau and Jackie Chan all sweaty and wrestling on the floor. Ahhh prison movies.

First Shot: Ti Lung, Simon Yam Tat wah
This is the "Untouchables" but better.

The highlights are: Moderately bad 70's clothes but Simon is appalling fabulous in everything. I particularly enjoyed Ti Lung in the leather boy cruising outfit...

Killers Blues: Ti Lung
Ti Lung is an assassin who wants to give it up after he kills a man in fron t of his little girl. He takes the child to his girlfriend to raise and vanishes. When he returns, the child is grown and his old triad buddies want him to come back into the fold. He resists and resists but sometimes history repeats itself.

The highlights are: Tragically beautiful plot. Even in his mid 40's he's a work of art. If you like tatoos there is a nice section and there's a nice gratuitous scene in a hot tub which unfortunately does not have Ti Lung in it.

Naked Killer: Simon Yam Tat wah
Lesbian Killers R Us.

The highlights are: Every man on the planet wanted to be in this movie. Well Simon makes it worthwhile for us. He dresses well and then there's the hot tub...

Wicked City: Leon Lai ming, Jacky Cheung
Same as the Anime. Evil Shapechangers are trying to take over the world. The Cops try to stop them.

The highlights are: Leon is cute and nerdy in this. The glasses make the look. Jacky Cheung is not nearly as annoying and turns out rather well in this. The villain Roy Cheung also has his following...

The Killer: Chow yun fat, Danny Lee
A Cop on the tail of an assassin he grows to admire.

The highlights are: You'll see what I mean about the staring. Everyone is dressed perfectly.

My Hero: Chow Sing Chi, Beardie, Wilson Lam
Stephen plays a nerdy waiter who reads too many comix. He saves a Dai Lo's life and is welcomed into the gang fold. His hero is Wilson who is a character from one of the comix. Gangland mayhem ensues.

The highlights are: Stephen in the tub with only a washcloth. Beardie, Wilson and Stephen in a stinky sauna. All of them in cool clothes.

Cheap Killers: Alex Fong, Stephen Fung
Sam and Yat Tiu are the cheap killers. Ho Hengdai all the way. They're not the brightest killers in the world, I imagine that's why they are so cheap. Stephen Fung is the charming Cop.

The highlights are: the clutching and groping. The boys in lovely white gauze suits.

Days of Being Dumb: Jacky Cheung Hok Yau, Tony Leung Chiu Wai
hilarious spoof of the triad movie genre.

The highlights are: the clutching and groping. Hok Yau is just lovely in this. Little Tony is cute as a button. P>Millionaire Cop: Aaron Kwok Fu Shing
cute little cop buddy movie.

The highlights are: Aaron in the shower, aaron in the clothes, Aaron in the pool, Aaron in the schoolgirl's uniform.

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