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GG2HK Glossary

I have been accused of speaking in code sometimes... Well OK, sometimes I do. Here's the terminology.

The GG2HK term list. You may be tested.

  • BBIJ - Best Butt in Jeans
  • FHH - Fuck Him Hard
  • FMH - Fuck Me Hard
  • Lemon Cookie - aka being the vanilla creme between 2 lemon cookies - who would you like to have two of... or possible which combination? Food for thought.
  • LAB - Lovely Asian Boy
  • Iron Virgin - A lovely boy who is unwilling to strip for the camera. (Lai Ming, Yuen Biao etc.)
  • Missy - euphemism for some who if not gay, should be.
  • Auntie Chang - Chang Cheh director supreme. He knows what we girls want to see.
  • Fashion Victim - Someone who mistakes concert clothes for street wear (Aaron Kwok, Miss Leslie etc.)
  • Beige - You know... those people who stare at the ceiling and ask if you're done yet...my the ceiling is beige...
  • FFG - Freshly Fucked Glow
  • WTML - Way too much Leon, after watching 14 hours of Lai Ming videos you think you hear him everywhere...(not that I would complain about this at all)
  • Slash - fan fiction written mostly by women aabout their two favorite male characters, stars, whatever... having love, sex and angst... and more sex.
  • Ho Hengdai - The triad term for brotherhood. And just how brotherly is that? Pretty darned close... very close... brothers huh?... yeah right.
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