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Girl Flicks

These are the melodramatic love stories that most women like. Or the cute Romantic comedies or the steamy stuff.

And in no particular order right now...

Armageddon: Andy Lau Tak-wah, Anthony Wong Chow san
Dr. Ken is distraught over the death of his girlfriend but he now has bigger problems as an international organization is killing off scientists that won't join them. Det. Chiu his not overly bright, but burly, grade school buddy is assigned to guard him. More is going on than meets the eye and why is Dr. Ken's dead girlfriend popping up all the time?

The highlights are: Andy is the repulsively well dressed Dr. Ken. Lots of jaw clenching and draping himself decoratively over furniture. Anthony is delightful as the squishy grunge cop. They bicker beautifully.

Full Throttle: Andy Lau Tak wah
I couldn't follow the story for Pam's incessant screaming...(she does love Andy)

The highlights are: Andy in racing leathers and a tragic love story. A big one for Andy fans.

God of Gamblers 2: Andy Lau Tak-wah, Stephen Chow Sing-chi
Stephen decides that he must train under Andy to develop him special gambling power. It takes awhile to convince Andy, but when everyone is attacked by the minions of a rival gambler, they join forces to defeat him. Its interesting to see the different games played.

The highlights are: Andy in a lycra unitard. Andy dressed to the nines. Both of them in Tuxedos. Both of them in wet Tuxedos. Stephen in little, tiny pleated pants...I could go on.

Run: Lai Ming
Leon doing a Chinese version of El Mariachi. Tragic love story undercurrent.

The highlights are: Leon bathing. Leon dressed well. Leon trying to look tough.

Alls Well That Ends Well: Stephen Chow, Leslie Cheung
Silly New Years Movie. Cheating husbands, gay brothers, horny DJs and housewife coming into her own. It is actually funny.

The highlights are: Stephen stuffing himself into Maggie Cheung's jeans...Stephen fighting in his underpants. Leslie in some fine clothes. Stephen in some fine clothes.

Alls Well That Ends Well 97: Stephen Chow
Not really related to the previous one. Family busts on no good little brother.

The highlights are: Hey I wanted to see those nude exploitation photos of Stephen!!!. He does turn up in some fine clothes though.

Killing Me Tenderly: Lai Ming
Leon plays a dorky cop who must pretend he's gay to protect an up and coming singer from a psycho.

The highlights are: Leon in the earring. Leon in the fan t-shirt. Leon and Sammi rolling all over the room kissing. Chaste but fun.

Love Among the Triads: Simon Yam
Triad love triangle.

The highlights are: Simon in gorgeous clothing. He works it hard in this one.

Legendary Couple: Simon Yam
Sad bank geek gets blamed for a robbery and flips out. He kidnaps the boss' dayghter but they find they like one another. Revenge on the bad guys on parade.

The highlights are: Simon in a lycra unitard. Simon in bed. Simon in cute clothes.

One Gleam of Hope: Wong Chow san, Yu Rong gong
Anthony is investigating a hood in Shenzen. He uses the time to catch up with his girlfriend as well. After a drunken evening he awakens from in the bathtub to a dead girlfriend. He escapes the mainland cops in a manner reminicent of the Fugative and spends the rest of the film running, being nervous and trying to clear himself, with Officer Pai in hot pursuit.

The highlights are: Yu is the M&M popping Officer Pai. Very decorative for the jaw clenching crowd. Anthony is in various states of undress and if you like them squishy, this is one for you.

When Fortune Smiles: Stephen Chow Sing-chi, Anthony Wong Chow san
Stephen is a petty hood who is paid by another hood to woo his sister who is actually not his sister who was paid by his cousin to impersonate her to get the dead Dai Lo's cash...

The highlights are: Stephen is in some yummy clothes in this. He is very young and I thought I would die when he found the neck massage machine. He wears the most beautiful tux I have ever seen...

Love is Love: Stephen Chow Sing-chi, cameo by Michael Wong
Stephen is a good boy from the country who moves to the city with the girl he loves. They grow apart and back together again. A lovely film.

The highlights are: Stephen is darling as the hick who makes good. He has some lovely shoulders and the suits show that off. Michael Wong is in it for a moment, dressed as gorgeously as ever. Unfortunately he does speak...

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