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Ghost Comedies

A lively genre. Again most women don't like slapstick but these movies are quite fun. There is generally a sweet love story and or cute children involved. Lady Ghosts have the good life. They trap gorgeous young men and drain the life out of them. Works for me, particularly if Chin Siu ho is the gorgeous young man...

The plot for these things is almost always the same. A family will be plagued with ghosts or evil forces will threaten the village and then Lam Ching ying is called in to bust them. The fun comes in how many mistakes the idiot assistans make (there are always two idiot assistants) and what mischief they get up to before the final showdown.
And in no particular order right now...

Mr. Vampire: Lam Ching Ying, Chen Siu ho
The highlights are: I happen to think Lam Ching Ying is delightful. He is very elegant and quite cute for an older man. He owns the taoist priest role. Chen is lovely as the idiot assistant. He mugs a great deal.

Ultimate Vampire: Lam Ching Ying, Chen Siu ho
The highlights are: In this one the lady ghost has the taste to go after Lam. His shyness about the whole thing is a riot. Chin is boffed by a lady ghost.

Close Encounters of the Spooky Kind: Lam Ching Ying, Sammo Hung Kam bo, Meng Hoi
The highlights are: Lam as the priest. Sammo and Meng Hoi as the cute chubby assistants.

Tantana (Best is Highest): Lam Ching ying, Chin Gar lok, Sammo Hung Kam bo
This one is a bit different. Lam is a Lama who must find the Sharp Witted Buddah before Against Nature Boy destroys him.

The highlights are: Chin Gar lok is darling in this as the "sharp witted buddha". Very naughty. He does the pouty thing a lot. Lam is precious as a monk.

Mr. Vampire 1992: Lam Ching Ying, Chin siu ho
The highlights are: Lam in the tux is darling. Lam attacked by Sister Birdie almost caused me to hurt myself laughing. He was swamped by that towel... Chin Siu ho is lovely as always.

Magic Cop: Lam Ching Ying, Wilson Lam
Interesting modern day twist.

The highlights are: Wilson has a cute cleft chin and mugs a lot. Lam is very cute as a modern day taoist priest who is put off by technology.

Black Magic: Ti Lung
Ti Lung is the object of a married woman's lust and she resorts to using an evil sorcerer to get him.

The highlights are: Oh my. As I fully understand him being an object of lust I can appreciate what goes on here. He runs through his house in undershorts, rolls around on the bed wearing this little black and white thing, frolicks in a pool and actually kisses a girl... I died.

Black Magic 2, Revenge of the Zombies: Ti Lung
Ti Lung is an eminent doctor who visits his friend in Thailand to try and figure out this mysterious disease which is claiming the country people.

The highlights are: Ti Lung in cute, nerdy 70's clothes.

Vampire vs Vampire: Lam Ching Ying, Chin Siu Ho
The Taoist boys are back. A western vampire terrorizes the village.

Chin Siu Ho is mighty athletic. If he weren't so lazy an actor we might see more of him. I'd vote to see more of him! And Lam Ching Ying is as elegant as ever. Sandra Ng chains him to a wall but still he doesn't put out.

Vampire Sage 4: Chin Kar Lok
Chin Kar Lok is the apprentice of the Taoist priest. Silliness follows.

Well, the first thing you see is our lovely boy wet, in gauze and stuffing a fish down the front of his pants. It only gets better from there.

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